White Spells Unity

The title alone covers what needs to be stated? Well… Yes! Looking at History throughout, it’s been white that unified people! Let’s take a few things.

The Church – it was seen as the single largest unifying force after the disintegration of the Roman Empire. The clergy, primary clad in white, was one of the reasons we have something called ‘Europe’ today. They managed to pull together, in the name of God, all the separated Empires…back in the days when there was no Germany but Prussia and Bavaria, and there was no France but the Kingdom of the Gauls, and when Austria was more powerful than what it is today.

It was the white attire that paved way for the modern Europe, and the Modern World at large.

Now let’s look at something very close to our heart – the Indian Freedom Struggle. Unlike the lavishly clad whites of Europe, there was one man who decided to go minimalist on White – Mahatma Gandhi. Unifying a country that was, a few decades before, thought to be an epitome of diversity is no ordinary task. With a band of men in white, he led a movement across the country that was powerful enough to overthrow the most powerful Empire of the time.

Yes…He proved that the red of the bloodshed was nothing in comparison to the white of peace and non-violence.

And last, here’s one that’s close to our times – it’s about probably the largest religion in India, called Cricket. We recently had a time when we saw the future-legends like Gambhir, Kohli, Ashwin and Sharma take on each other – in colors. And it’s just a matter of a few days before they sport a white and take on the team against which our Mahatma struggled, albeit with a spirit of sportsmanship!

What was once divided by colors will now unite them all in the purest form of the game, and all our states to cheer for Team India as one!

Time and again since time immemorial, White has been the revolution…and we remember that every time we churn out a detergent powder or a cake from the house of Challenge, it might make someone’s cloth pure white…we never know who is the next Gandhi in the making.

…and every time you sport a white, remember you are wearing a revolution!!