Challenge No Shave November

The month of November, what so special about it? What makes it so unique? There are possibilities that these questions might have popped up in a few of your minds.  If you are aware of the global trends that are related to men’s health and fashion, these aforementioned questions would not have even hit your brains.

No Shave November aka Movember is a concept or a phenomenon that is practice where men do not shave their beards and mouche the entire month. It does not end with just keeping themselves away from razors and trimmers. The money that they save will be donated to awareness and treatments of prostate cancer.  There are a lot of interesting facts about No Shave November which we will see in detail.

The Contrary To The Belief

The predominant population believes that No Shave November actually stated in The United States Of America. But the truth is that it started in Australia in 2003.

The Difference

Many people even the ones who have a vague idea about No Shave November have this perception that the concept of No-Shave November and Movember are the same. Even both of them are for a good cause there is actually a huge difference. Movember raises money and donates it to programs that are related to prostate cancer. On the other hand, No-Shave November encourages both women and men to save the expenditure that goes into shaving and donate that money to American Cancer Society.

The Money Involved

For everyone who just perceives No Shave November as a fashion-oriented thing, you will really be amazed by the amount of money that is raised. It is said that a total of 769 million has been raised internationally. If you have dropped your jaw hearing the numbers, we recommend to close it.

Calling The Names

In general calling people names is considered to a bad thing. But trust us the names that are called particularly when it comes to No Shavee November it is no bad at all. There is no discrimination at all. There is nothing offensive and it is just a term used to address a group of people who participate in this concept of No-Shave November.  The guys are addressed as Mo Bros and the women are addressed as Mo Sistas. Well, there is gender equality here. To be frank these terms does sound so cool.

The Baby Steps

When the concept of No Shave November started, it was not a walk in the park. Just like every other new concept this also had its fair share oppositions. Even though there were a minimum number of people participating in this, there were a lot of disapproval and hatred for the way they looked the entire month. The Co-Founder of No Shave November has stated that his ex who he was in a relationship at that point of time used to hate his beard and mustache.

The Astonishing Numbers

Some of the reliable sources have stated that after kick-starting this No Shave November, more than four million people have grown their beards and mustaches. Excluding the fact that fact the money goes for noble cause, one more important thing is that men need not care about their facial grooming for a month. When it comes to grooming beard and mustache takes like more than eighty percent of the work. So it is more like taking a break for a month.

The Support

Today it is very evident that people in nuke and corner of the world are supporting No Shave November. But it really took more than a decade to get this kind of reach and support.  Some of the biggest names that voiced out their support is from the airlines. Airlines like Qantas, British Airways and West Jet made their support very clear by painting their airlines with a mustache.

The Death Counts

There are a considerable number of people who have questioned why prostate cancer alone. There are various diseases and a lot of burning issues that needs awareness and funds.  There no denial to the fact that there lot of other issues that need to be given importance to. But there was a considerable amount of increase in people getting affected by cancer and deaths by cancer. It is said that almost 29,000 people were diagnosed with prostate cancer only in the US. Just imagine what will be numbers if taken into consideration the entire world’s population.

Your Part

Irrespective of you having an idea about No Shave November or not, it is important that you do your part for this noble cause. If your contribution can have a life-changing impact on one person in some corner of this world why not do.

Pure clothes will make your attire a presentable one. But a pure heart will position you as a better human being. Challenge supports No Shave November.