Cloth Washing Tips

The key to a great wash of clothes start way ahead of even actually soaking them! It starts right at sorting clothes for wash.

Those little instructions you see on collar-tags or waist tags are really important. Clothes are, in way, like people - bad company spoils them! ;)

Here are Challenge Soap’s Tips to ensure a better sorting:

By fabric: Separate delicate fabrics that require a gentle cycle from heavier items.

By colour: Separate whites from colours, and pastels from dark colours.


By soil level: Soil can travel from one garment to another so wash heavily soiled garments  separately.

Lint: Check pockets and remove tissues before washing. Wash heavy lint shedders, especially blankets, chenille bedspreads, rugs and wollens separately, and clean out the lint filter in your washing machine regularly.

The next time you sort clothes, make sure that you follow the instructions above...and make your wash better, with a proper detergent and a greater washing powder formula!!