How To keep You clothes look new

One of the biggest confusions that have been there for many years is how to keep your clothes as good as new.  There are good possibilities that most people who use washing machines or use wash by hand would have experienced it. This is something that most people were not able to crack even after so many years. 

Even though factors like water conditions play a very important role in it, a few measures from our side can actually have a considerable amount of impact on saving the quality of the clothes. It is not that difficult like rocket science. Here are some of the tips that will definitely come in handy. 

Use the Right Washer Settings

Using a gentle cycle eliminates a lot of the wear and tear your washer can inflict and is especially fab for delicate fabrics. In fact, I’ve washed many “dry clean only” items on the hand wash cycle and have never had a problem with said items getting ruined. More durable fabrics like denim or clothes that you aren’t too worried about can be washed on a machine’s normal setting. Just remember to read the label on clothing and to use your best judgment when washing certain items.

Use Mesh Laundry Bags

If you’re washing your delicates on the regular cycle or just want your clothes to stay extra-safe, a mesh laundry bag can help protect your clothing from any damage. You probably already own one, but if not, they’re very cheap in the markets and hence it won’t be a big task to buy a few of them. Place items into the bag, throw it in the washer and you won’t have to worry about any snags, rips, or tangled clothes. As simple as that

Wash Clothes Inside Out

No guide on how to keep clothes looking new would be complete without this simple and often overlooked tip. It seems like a no-brainer, but be sure to turn all your tops, dresses, and other clothing items inside-out before putting them in the washer. That spin cycle can put a lot of wear and tear on items, so it’s much better to have the inside of your clothes take the brunt of damage rather than the outside. Plus, if you’re washing something that has beading, sequins, or buttons, washing inside-out can prevent these embellishments from coming loose or falling off.

Choose the right detergent

Think all laundry detergents are the same? Think again! Certain detergents can keep colors from fading, prevent shrinkage, and are made for delicate fabrics. Also, powdered detergents can be harsher on clothes, so opt for a liquid one. Use a particular brand detergent for as long as I can remember – it’s specially formulated to be gentle on clothes. Detergents, which are both made with plant-based materials, are recommended. Do some research, read online reviews, and pick out the best laundry detergent for your clothes.

Use Cold Water

This is one of the points that most of us take on a lighter note. Well the fact is that it shouldn’t be. It is a proven fact that most of the fabrics get damaged with normal water. Using cold water reduces the damage considerably. It is not just good for the clothes it is also good for the environment. By using cold water the washing machine the stains are removed easier and the machine does not have a hard effect on the clothes when it comes to stain removal. At the same time it is not necessary that you need to go for extremely cold temperatures, it is ok if you can go for something like moderately cold. 

Air Dry

Drying is one of the integral parts of washing clothes. In most cases, we are in a hurry and we prefer to use the dryer which dries the clothes at a must faster passé. We do not have to wait all day for the clothes today it literally take s a few minutes for the clothes to dry completely. There are no second thoughts about the fact that it saves a lot of time. There is always another side to the coin. The flip side is that drying the clothes in the dryer actually affects the quality of the clothes mainly the color. The rapid drying process has a lot of negative impacts on the quality of the clothes. This is the main reason why you go for air dry which is a slow and steady process. Even it takes a bit of time it is worth it and hence to limit your clothes from less damage it is better to opt for air drying. 

To conclude…

The above mentioned are proven facts and following them will definitely have a positive impact on the clothing and will also improve the life of the clothing. All it takes a little bit o9f effort from our side with small modifications in our washing process which results in some evident changes.