Garment Care Tips

Most of the time, damage to clothing can be attributed the way we use it.  Try these tips below and do your part in preserving your fine garments:


Always apply lotions, makeup and hair spray before you put on your clothing. The alcohol and other chemicals present can cause damage to your garment.


Toothpaste can contain bleaches that can remove color from your garments. Even a small amount of toothpaste can cause coloration on your garment to be permanently damaged.


Garments that are worn directly against your skin such as dress shirts and blouses should be cleaned each time you wear them. After repeated use, soil and stains become much harder to remove and often become permanent.


Never, ever, rub a stain! Rubbing can cause damage to the fiber and permanent discoloration to the affected area.


Identify stains as oily or water-based, and never allow anyone to use water or club soda to attempt removal of a stain, no matter what the circumstances.

Be extremely careful when wearing fine delicate fabrics such as silk. Purses, jewelry or even coarse-textured coats can easily rip off strands of your favorite garment.