The Importance of being white!!

Relax! The post has got nothing to do with racism. And it is such an irony that this post comes on the birthday of the great leader Nelson Mandela!


While we have nothing in particulr about any color, we have to give in to the fact that when it comes to clothes, the white ones are more preferred to any other color or shade! As in one of the comedies by Chinna Kalaivanar Vivek, it’s not for no reason that the doctors, advocates, political stalwarts, greats like AVM brothers and even SuperStar Rajinikanth prefer white in their public appearances.


While white clothes are preferred over many other colors, it is an irony that what, in itself has many colors. While some of it is intentional, others are surely not. This not-so-white white negates the effect of any good impacts that white might have.


“Wearing white is like sending a rocket - either you do it perfectly, or not do it all.”


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