How to wash cotton dresses in summer?

Cotton needs to be pampered and treated with special attention, particularly during the summer. There are specific ways that a person can wash and clean their 100 percent cotton clothes that will significantly improve their durability and look. Cotton cloths' tendency to shrink is one of the biggest worries of those who enjoy the feel and look of them. With proper treatment, this can be avoided. So, here are a few tips for keeping your cotton fabrics in good condition.

How to wash your cotton?

Cotton is without a doubt one of the most common fabrics on the market, which is one of the reasons we often use its breathable properties in a variety of garments. It's important to know that white cotton can be washed at up to 95°C, while coloured cotton should be washed at no more than 60°C, with a quick rinsing time and the shortest possible spin cycle, for perfect washing in a washing machine.

  •  If you're washing bright or dark cotton pieces, set the temperature to 30 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent colour fading and dye transfer.

  • Before washing, always check the fabric care mark, as each cotton blend material will have its own.

  • If your cotton is white, you can bleach it and wash it in hot water.

  • Cotton wrinkles instantly, but it can be ironed at high temperatures.

  • Sweat patches on cotton dresses are very popular in the summer. Give special attention to the areas like the underarm and the neckline. Before you wash it, give it a fast rinse by concentrating on those areas.


It is suggested that you use cold water. If necessary, use warm water; however, do not use hot water unless you want the cotton item to shrink. When washing, always transform the cloths inside out to protect the outer hand. Hold the cloths turned inside out while hanging outside on a clothes line. This will keep the fabric from fading in the light.