How to remove sticky grease from utensils?


The most important part of the house and favourite place for all the ladies is the kitchen. But maintaining the kitchen should be the worst part job. We put hard to maintain the sanctity of this notion. The sticky and greasy layer around the kitchenware, cabinet and the corners spoils all these efforts. This sticky layer is hard to clean with normal scrubbing and brushing. We should put some extra time to clean those stains. Want to get rid of these stains? We show some important tips to make them a thing of the past. So, you should take some professional tips for your housekeeping service or clean it with yourself with the help of tips given below. In the kitchen, you can see a lot of places get oil stains, and they are very hard to clean up-until now!!


Top  tips to remove the grease from utensils:


1. To prevent grease from sticking to pans, partially fill pans with hot water and baking soda or vinegar while they’re still warm. Allow cookware to soak until you can wash it, and do so before the water gets cold if possible.


2. Do not pour heavy grease down the drain. Even with soap to break it up, there’s a good chance it could clog the plumbing.


3.  For old grease build-up, apply baking soda directly to the grease and scrub with a soft cloth or scouring pad. The baking soda will add an extra boost of gentle abrasion to remove the grease. It takes some scrubbing but will remove grease build-up from almost any surface.


4. Add a little vinegar in warm water and use this to rinse them post washing. Or make a concoction of one-fourth cup of vinegar in warm soapy water. Dab half a lemon in baking soda and rub it on utensils to get rid of stains.


5.Slabs and sinks


Once a day, pour hot water through the sink drain to remove odours and kill germs or drop three to four tablespoons of baking soda down the sink, followed by hot water. Pouring a cup of vinegar or lemon juice does wonder in cleaning your sink's drainage. Clean kitchen slabs with baking soda or squeeze a slice of lemon to remove stains. But wash it off quickly as these liquids are acidic in nature. For marble tops, clean up any spills or juices immediately, as marble is highly prone to stains. Rub borax powder with a moist cloth to clean. For granite tops, use a mixture of dishwashing solution and warm water. For ceramic or tiled tops, use an old toothbrush and diluted laundry bleach with water. The borax powder can be purchased from any departmental or hardware store.



6.Floors and windows

Mix half a cup of white vinegar and half a litre of water to clean the floors of your kitchen. Don't forget kitchen windowpanes, which also tend to get greasy. Use 50:50 white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and scrub with old newspapers for sparkling clean windows. 

Water alone can't get rid of grease because water molecules don't stick to grease molecules. And elbow grease isn't always enough to tackle the baked-on gunk found in a well-used kitchen. Commercial grease cleaners can do the trick for most messes, but if you don't have any products on hand what else can you do? Luckily there are ways to fight the mess using things you already have around your home. So, use the below-mentioned household thing to get rid of these stains.

Things to use for removing grease from utensils:

Baking Soda:

Looking for a more powerful dishwashing liquid? Try adding 2 tablespoons baking soda to the usual amount of liquid you use, and watch it cut through grease like a hot knife!

Club Soda

Food tastes delicious when it’s cooked in cast iron, but cleaning those heavy pots and pans with the sticky mess inside is no fun at all. You can make the cleanup a lot easier by pouring some club soda in the pan while it’s still warm. The bubbly soda will keep the mess from sticking.

Fabric Softener

Forget scrubbing. Instead, soak burned-on foods from casseroles with liquid fabric softener. Fill the casserole with water, add a squirt of liquid fabric softener, and soak for an hour, or until residue wipes easily away.


Make those dull pots and pans sparkle, inside and out. Just rub the cut side of half a lemon all over them and buff with a soft cloth.


The thing which you do throughout the year is cleaning your kitchen utensils. Maintaining your kitchen and the utensils is what you go on doing and can be termed as a never-ending process. Always keep the kitchen and cookware clean to avoid unhygienic problems and diseases.