The History of Detergents

Not long before in the history of mankind, detergents were unheard of. All what the then-civilized gentlemen and ladies needed was just a wash with water…and nothing more!

As we grew up, and a lots of things like Industrial Revolution and World Wars kicked in, the demand for soaps and detergents started to increase, not just in terms of volume, but also in terms of the intensity of the dirt and stains that they fought.

Therefore, the detergent or the detergent soap had not only to be an effective wash-chemical but also an effective stain-remover! This mandated the washing powder formula to be something entirely different than what it classically was!

Just like many other technologies that we take for granted, this was, again a contribution from Germany. Infusing a very different set of cleaning chemicals, Otto Rohm of the Rohm and Haasfame, introduced the first ever-modern detergent and soaps for clothes.

In that legacy, Challenge Soaps and Detergents is committed to manufacturing detergents that are tough and foolproof traditionally, and we make it using the best technology possible for manufacturing synthetic detergents!


With this commitment, you can be assured the best soaps and the best detergents get to your hands every time you casually by a pack of challenge soap or detergent.