Summer Laundry Tips

It's summertime and it's simple living – for anyone aside from the one in charge of the laundry. There are so many wonderful things about the summer; park picnic, cricket games, beach days and long outdoor café lunches. But each has a flipside; grass stains on jeans, sunscreen traces on towels and T-shirts, and sticky stains and cuffs. Fortunately, in case you ruined your shoes, the days of missing out on fun are long gone. As is the washday of gran, because every week she spent a whole day slaving over the dirty washing of the house. Here, we have discussed some tips for laundry in summer.

Keep your clothesline clean:

Drying your wash outside may seem like the cleanest way to do it, but note that your clothesline or rack may have been subject to rain, bird mess and insects between washes, so before you hang out those gleaming white sheets, give the line a good wipe with a damp cloth. Always, make sure you keep your clothes pegs indoors so that they do not deteriorate.

Use Vinegar to combat mildew smell:

As much we try to get damp beach towels into the machine and wash them immediately, for days there still seems to be a loan towel left outside that eventually starts to smell like mildew. Yuck. Fortunately adding a cup or two of vinegar to the washer can allow the smell to vanish after one cycle.

Summer and colour:

Well, summer is a season for those colourful florals to flaunt and all that makes you look great. But the bad news is that you may look your best; the season itself bags with obstacles and hazards not only in terms of hair damage and skin tanning but also in terms of clothing and colour. Ask how? Okay, the answer to that sweat. Sweat contains toxins that damage clothing. In our everyday lives, the most common mistake we all make is to wash all our clothes together in a single bath. We never separate our clothing on the basis of colour, material, price etc.

Treating yellowish Stains separately:

To be completely free from the stains is clearly unlikely. If it's a mishap with some food sauce, or the unavoidable yellowish sweat stains tagging in hot weather along with sporting whites, there's a lot you can do to handle them. Once it comes to removing those stubborn stains from collars, cuffs and underarms, a stain remover such as Vanish is necessary. Using a toothbrush before washing gently add some of the stain removers to the target areas, just don't rub too hard or you may end up damaging the fabric.

Use powerful detergent:

If you've ever wondered how to wash white shirts with bleach – you might be shocked to hear a high-performance laundry detergent might do the job just as well. Specially designed to drive through dirt and leave clothes super-bright, a product like Detergent Powder – perfect if you think your white clothes always look dull or shiny, fading in colour! Mind first to read the label on treatment.