How to keep your school uniform looking their best?

Are you planning back-to-school shopping list beside the notebooks, pens, and backpacks? Uniform long last from the first day to last day. So, to make your kids look pretty much as good on the last day of the school as they wear it on the first day. Make sure to use your uniform neat and clean from the first day to the last day of the school. Once your kid returns from school, the first thing you ought to do is to soak his or her uniform in water. Soaking it for a half hour or a minimum of 15 min can help to give better results. Try to follow the clothes care labels and these simple laundry tips.

How to remove basic stains from Uniform?

  1. White uniform stains:


Over the stain on the white uniform, squeeze a bit lemon directly over it. Use the peel of the lemon, rub it smartly over the stain in an exceedingly circular motion. The lemon helps to get rid of the stain over an amount of your time if used frequently quite double.

    2.  Mud Stains:


To get rid those nasty mud stains on your kids uniform, you would like to make use of baking create a paste out of the baking powder and apply it on the stain. Gently rub the stain using clothes brush in a circular motion to get rid of the stubborn mud.

   3.  Crayon Stains:


For the budding very little artists that with pride boast their work with huge smiles on their faces.  

1. Take away the surplus wax –  place the stain face down on some of the paper towels, then iron with a hot iron on the rear facet of the stain.

2. Dampen the stain with heat water.

3. Use a brush, saturate the realm with OMO detergent whereas rubbing it into the material in circular motions.

4. Machine wash on the hottest wash safe for the material.



4.  Paint Stains:

Kids love to paint – at home, at a friend’s house, course of study or anyplace they will get their hands on some paint! 

Water-based Paint Stains:

  • While the paint remains wet, rinse the item with heat water and work the paint out by rubbing it. The stain is permanent if you let the paint dry, therefore act quickly!

  • Rinse totally and pop into the washing machine for a quick Wash.

  • Oil-based Paint (trickier and best kept far, far away from kids!)

  • Remove the maximum amount of the paint as double by inserting the stain face down on some paper towels and running the prescribed paint thinners through the material.

  • Pour some OMO car Liquid on to the area and pop into the washing machine for a quick Wash.


Basic Care tips for Uniform:

Additional tips for washing the garment on the swing tag, as well. When it comes to stains, fast action is essential. The longer a stain is allowed to go untreated, the harder it will be to get out. The best approach to dealing with stains is to use cold water to rinse them out of the fabric right after they occur. Drying the uniform. Unless absolutely necessary, the garments should never be dried in the clothes dryer. Clothing has a tendency to shrink when it is exposed to the heat of the drier. A much better option is to hang the clothing in the shade to dry. If you do need to use your clothes dryer, make sure to use the coolest temperature setting available.

 Ironing: Clothing that includes screen printed logos should be ironed before you wash it for the first time. This will help set the logo in place, helping it last longer. If you are ironing nylon garments, make sure to protect them by using an additional piece of fabric between the iron and the surface of the fabric. Avoid using an extremely hot iron whenever possible, opting for a cooler setting instead. Make sure to use the challenge soap to washing your uniform for better results.