The Riot of Colors - The Kollywood Way

There is this song called “Pachai Nirame Pachai Nirame” from a cult-classic from the Tamil Industry called Alaipayuthe. This song is an evergreen favourite - the lyrics, the music, the chemistry of the stars, the picturization..almost everything in the song is perfect that no one would be able to hate this song.

And we at Challenge Soaps and Detergents are not an exception to this ‘liking’, and more than these superficial factors (according to us), it also talks about the essence of a couple of things that we deal with as a part and parcel of our everyday life - white, colors, love and the lovely ladies!!


The song inspires any person who’s listening to it into enjoying and getting the complete essence of what colors would mean!!! While we respect all colors, we have a special liking for the part that talks about the awesomeness of White. The lyrics talk about white being the color of the eye and the color of a pure heart.

We at Challenge Soaps and Detergents, also would like to take this time to tell y’all that our passion for pure white is one of the things that drives us to make good products, and we would never go back on our stance for white!!! 

And now….all we would like to say is, listen to this song and enjoy it…and remember us!! ;)