Hats off Rohit Sharma!!!

Today is an unforgettable day in the history of cricket, and even more so in the history of Indian Cricket. There’s one more person who’s entered the record books, and it is a record that will not be broken that easily!!! 

We at Challenge Soap take pride and pleasure in congratulating the legendary Rohit Sharma, the man of double double centuries!! It’s a proud moment for the game, and for the nation!!! 

We at Challenge Soaps share a passion and the feeling with Rohit Sharma… and that’s what made us what we are now!! 

It’s about everything he has taken up: class, consistency, judging the situation, rising to the occasion, and above everything, economic-efficiency!! If you think about them, it’s all what Challenge Soaps detergents is all about!! 

In the right spirit of sportsmanship and the game, we salute the Indian Cricket Team and Rohit Sharma in particular!