How to wash our clothes properly to make sure the coronavirus doesn't stay?

Today, many people have been contaminated by the coronavirus pandemic in the world. This virus can persist on specific surfaces, like fabric, for a few hours, or maybe even for a few days. And if we have been able to improve our personal hygiene practises, we still need to be cautious with the clothing, which can be a carrier of the infection.

  • Wash clothes with soap or detergent, use the warmest of the necessary water and fully rinse. Both of these actions are starting to fight the virus.

  • Wash or clean your laundry bag to make it impossible. Allow laundry packaging in plastic containers.

  • Wash bedspreads, towels and clothing on a daily basis.

  • Take off your clothing as soon as you get inside. This would restrict the distribution of virus that may be on your clothing. Put the clothes in the wash instantly. 

  • Wash your clothes in the warmest possible water environment, and absolutely dry things. As for the washing process itself, it is important to remember to wash your hands before doing something.

  • Bleach is proven to be a strong hard surface disinfectant. However, you can not use the same degree of bleach on your clothing. You're going to risk ruining your clothing. Instead, use the form of bleach that is specially made for garments. You should apply a tiny amount while you wash your clothes to protect against infection.

It is not clear how long coronavirus can live in clothing, but researchers suspect that it can stay contagious for hours or even days. Any clothes that could have been exposed to coronavirus should then be considered as infected and stored in a different washtub. This is our opinions which are not founded on empirical facts.