Laundry tips for rainy season

Laundry is without a doubt one of the hardest chores. Even though household equipment like a washing machine has made it easy, it still consumes a considerable amount of time.  In most of the homes, laundry is done on a weekly basis. It is the kind of chores where you do not have the option of skipping it. It is mandatory that it should be done or else it will be very difficult to wash the accumulated load all at once.

Laundry becomes even more difficult during the rainy season. One of the important reasons is that it would take a long time for the clothes to dry.  In this article we will see some laundry tips, that will be of great help for the upcoming rainy season. 


Dry clothes inside

As mentioned earlier drying of clothes will take a long time during the rainy season. So drying them inside your house is the best solution for this issue. Of -course, it is no match for drying in the sunlight. But there is no other choice for it. Even if it takes more time, do not hesitate to wait. Before folding them and placing them on the cupboard make sure that every cloth is dried completely. 


Smelly laundry


Even the presence of the smallest amount of moisture will result in bad smelling clothes. Foul smell from the clothes is the last thing that anyone would want. This is one of the most common issues when it comes to laundry, especially during the rainy season.  The easiest and the simplest way is to use fabric conditioner at the end of the wash. It not just makes the clothes soft but gives an appealing smell. If there are any thick clothes, it is mandatory that you use a fabric conditioner. 


Stain removal


During rainy seasons stubborn stains from the mud and dirt are something that is very hard to avoid. A normal wash is no match them. It is important that these hard stains need to be given special importance to remove them completely. First, try brushing them with your hand after soaking them with detergent for a few hours. If it is still existing, you try using some lemon extracts on the stain. Make sure to add only a little bit as excess addition with spoil the clothes. People should know that it is not just dirt or stain. There are a lot of bacteria and microbes that will have a negative impact on the person who is going to wear the clothes. 


Washing machine maintenance


People need to understand the fact that the washing machine is equipment and it requires some maintenance. If the stains in the clothes are not removed properly, there are good possibilities that it can be the fault of the machine. During the rainy season while washing the clothes lots of soil and sand particles will enter the machine. If these particles stay in the machine for a long time it will definitely develop mold and produce strange odor. This will not only affect the performance of the machine but also the quality of the clothes. So after every wash make sure to remove these particles especially during the rainy season. 


Stay fresh for a long time


During the rainy season, the clothes tend to lose their freshness very easily. It is because of the presence of moisture in the atmosphere. To make sure that the clothes stay fresh for a long time use some cent after placing them in your cupboard. If not there are good possibilities that will produce a bad smell when you take them out. If you think that you won’t be able to remember this, the easiest and the simplest way is to use camphor balls. All you need to do is just place a few camphor balls. It will suck all the moisture and at the same time will prevent the clothes from producing bad smell. There are also other alternatives like  silica packets, baking soda, and scented wood. Many people tend to view them as just fragrance enhancers, but actually, they are moisture controllers. 


Avoid fungus buildup


One of the common problems when it comes to laundry during the rainy season is fungus buildup in clothes. If it is not taken care, it will create many skin problems like rashes and allergies. The fungus formation is entire because of the presence of moisture in the clothes. This is one of the reasons why people ask to dry the clothes properly. So the first thing that you need to do is use the dryer and make sure to dry the clothes as much as possible. Since it is the rainy season you will obviously dry the clothes inside. To speed up the drying process dry them under the fan. Before folding them, iron them which make sure to remove even the minimum moisture in the clothes. 


Cloth material


During the rainy season, it is better to avoid thick cloth materials like jeans. It is a well-known fact that thick cloth material will take a long time to dry. This will lead to a bad smell, the formation of microbes and a lot of other things. The most important issue is that it will take a long time for these clothes to dry. Hence just during rainy season let your fashion sense take the back seat. Be practical and use thin cotton clothes. It will dry easily and at the end of the day, you will not have to go through some tough procedures for laundry. 




The rainy season has already started and most of you might have already went through some of those problems. To avoid these problems in the future make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips which will definitely have a positive impact in many ways.