How to wash Indian ethnic outfits?

The festive season is gonna end soon, and now you're left with all the pretty and pricey ethnic clothes you've invested in. Usually, people end up storing them in the closet and stashing them away before there is a wedding or a family case. Here are some hints and tips that you can use to keep them running.

Sarees :

  •   Do not wash frequently, particularly after every use

  •  Make sure there are no stains and spills, especially if you want to restore the garment to its original state.

  • Silk sarees should be thoroughly rinsed or else they will start to lose their sheen, so only dry clean sarees are subject to the same rule. You can dry them well, steam iron at low temperatures, dry them again and stack them properly. The best way to preserve silk ethnic clothing is to steam iron, but to ensure it's well dried and kept at lower settings.

Suit :

          If you can accept it, hand washing suits are probably a little bit slightly more difficult than machine washing but it can be a little unwieldy to work these organized uniforms around in a tub and attempt to wash them full. If you're trying to wash the whole dress, it's probably best to use your computer. All you should do is use a small amount of the necessary cleaning agent and a little bit of cool water for the spot treatment of particular areas and gently blot the stain. Do not scrub on that as well or you can feel woolens harming various types of fabrics instead.

They need to know the DOs and DON'Ts of the conservation of ethnic attire at any moment where people have to take care of their clothing.

Do’s :

  1. To avoid pests and the production of molding, keep naphthalene balls, neem leaves, etc.

  2. Until packing, the attire should be exposed to the sun and transferred to storage.

 Don’ts :

      1.Store the clothes in the wardrobe for a longer period of time, allowing irreversible folds and folds to ruin the embroidery and the attire as a whole.

     2.Leave the silk sarees as they are and store them uncovered, which can ruin them.