What's in a name??

This is a question all brands perennially face – be it centuries old one, or be it a startup founded day before yesterday.


When ours is a brand that 20 years strong in the industry, we do have a story, or rather, a history behind a simple name – Challenge!


The word is not as simple as it sounds to be. It’s got much more to it than the sound – there’s a deep profundity in the name.


When we incepted the name, what we had in mind was the issues that women of the day faced – those were the days when washing machines were a luxury, and women were given the default responsibility to wash clothes. And the ‘salavaikkal’ was a default setup in each home.


Those were the days when white shirts were as common as denims are today, which would mean that they were more susceptible to dirt and stains. The only thing that hasn’t changed much is the temperature. The sun commanded the same extent of sweat it does today!


What we wanted to give was a bliss to the challenged women when it comes to challenging the glitches the clothes might suffer! It was a challenge for us to create the perfect soap and detergent, but we did overcome that challenge!!


And when there’s so much of it, we just thought we might as well make it our name and our banner!! And the rest, they say, is history!!! J

Challenge Soaps and Detergents Logo


On a lighter note, we did invent Facebook Like, long before it was cool!!