Tips To Clean Pooja Vessels Fast And Easy

The Pooja room for the devout among us is the centre of our homes. Cleaning the Pooja room and decorating it before lighting the lamp begins every morning, and the same routine is also carried out in the evening. Keeping this holy place clean is not an easy process; cleaning all the oil, smoke from agarbathis and dried flowers and keeping all your Pooja products glittering takes a lot of effort and care. With relatively little effort, our tips will help you keep the Pooja room utensils tidy and sparkling.


With plenty of grime lying on it the brass idols and Kalash in the pooja room appear to get sticky. Soak the products and apply a teaspoon of shampoo to a bucket of hot water. Put down and let the detergent do its job for 10-15 minutes. To really get rid of the grease, use a metal scrubber to clean off the grime with a lemon dishwasher cleaner. . Then you take a tamarind ball and soak it in water. Using it again to clean the brassware and wash it off with hot water.

Copper :

These are two readily available products in any kitchen, together and they are the most effective option for cleaning copper utensils. Simply apply the lemon with some salts and lightly massage it all over the utensil. On troublesome areas such as the bottom or edges of the pot, a paste of lemon and salt may also be applied. Leave this paste for at least six weeks and regularly begin to clean it. It's surely going to make your trays shine again.


Use Simple home Ingredients for best results:

Mild Detergents:

If the brass object is dusty or filthy rather than ruined, the trick may be to submerge it in hot soapy water and clean it with a wet brush. To gently clean additional dirty places, use a toothbrush.


In half a cup of vinegar, dissolve 1 teaspoon and add the flour until the mixture became the paste. Rub throughout the brass, leave for 10 minutes or so, then wash with warm water and dry with the buffer.