Tips to wash white clothes

Almost all of us in our wardrobes have white as a colour. It's traditional, it goes with everything and in the humid mid-summer months, it manages to keep us calm. Sadly, white fabric discolouration has one major question! Whether it's baby drool on our back, a grass stain on our jeans, or the infamous sweat stains under our shirts, making the white clothes look clean can be challenging. Our garments are a hideous shade of brown until we know it. But it doesn't have to be they. Know how to scrub white sheets, then say goodbye to dead, grey skin. It's time to say hello once again with these brilliant hints and tricks to brighten up white tops:


  1. Wash with Warmest water:

Using hot water or the warmest available water approved for the fabric to help extract oils from the body and grime that can stain the clothing. Wash in a regular or heavy-duty environment, depending on the extent or discolouration of the stains.


  1. Always separate white colour and coloured colour:

"It is a must!" Use a dye-grabbing cloth-like Carbona Color Grabber to draw loose dye in your load to prevent the pigment from accumulating on your whites, while you wash whites to lights together.


  1. Bluing:

This old-school drug, a blue solution that adds a tiny amount of blue dye to the water during the wash process, may just be your new favourite if you enjoy super-white clothes. If beach will yellow up whites, why should you apply blue to your wash on earth? In reality, the human eye sees blue as white, and bluing agents are visual blinders for whiteners. They apply a tint of blue to cover up the yellowing of mud, grease, or chlorine bleach to make clothes look whiter.

  1. Ironing:

Check the garment's required iron settings, and avoid using too much heat. An iron that's too hot will scorch the clothing and leave extremely difficult (if not impossible) traces to erase. Keep setting at a lower temperature, and using steam or water to loosen wrinkles if appropriate.


  1. Use Lemon Juice:

A natural bleaching agent, lemon juice works well on white clothes. Many recommend using the hottest water for the cloth that is clean, then adding in half a cup of lemon juice. "Then soak the clothes an hour or overnight, and wash the next day as usual."