The awesomeness, the pride!-White

The Awesomeness of White in Popular Culture

Science describes white as a combination of all the possible wavelengths. White has been one of the most special colors ever since the inception of the concept of colors. White has been the symbol of a lot of positive emotions like peace, serenity, divinity and even love. What has made this color special that it was adopted by some of the greatest personalities and greatest movements to have ever graced this planet?


White, the Divine Color!


Ever since the inception of religion, people have always wanted a color to signify or represent the holiest state one can be. While the Eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism do not ascribe to this idea of holiness which is elevated, the Abrahamic religions have always recognized the importance of white. They have always portrayed the divine entities of the religion wearing white clothes and in divine radiance.


This has given rise to white being closely associated with divineness and godliness. It is not a surprise that people belonging to the western religions have made it a part of the culture, so much that the clergymen and clerics of these religions wear only white.


On a light yet unforgettable note, let us not forget that even Morgan Freeman who played God in Bruce Almighty also wore white!


White, the Royal Color!


In the days of the Roman empire, the king was considered very close to divine entities. Furthermore, in the Egyptian empire, the Pharaoh was considered to be an embodiment of God themselves. Given these attributes, the kings were among the most important people to have ever lived in recorded history. The celebrated Kings like Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar and Octavius Caesar, and people who shaped the history of the modern world like Mark Antony have always been represented in white. To this day, while the Queen of England can wear robes and dresses of any color, white color has been reserved for the most important occasions that's the queen takes part in. The same rule goes for even The Princess of Wales.


Not to mention the official residence of the President of the United States is called… (no points for guesses!)


White, the Color of Peace!


When we talk about a leader like Mahatma Gandhi, we cannot help but in vision the great man only in his white dhoti. People who have advocated peace have always made their presence felt invite. The same concept provided in this statement can also be used for a person like John Lennon give a universal invite to imagine peace! Even AR Rahman and Vairamuthu only talk about Vellai Pookal in their song for peace!


White, the Superstar Color


No, we are not talking about our superstar rajinikanth. We are talking about the real superstar which is the culture of Tamil Nadu that is displayed in even the most trivial elements like clothing. on the day of pongal, which can be considered the traditional festival of Tamil and Tamil Nadu, we will not wear anything but a white shirt and white dhoti. The same goes for some of the most magnificent leaders who have ruled our state. White is very much a part of our culture and rather, and essence of it!


With Challenge, there is no challenge in keeping up of the white!


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