The Food Fad...Forever!!

We have evolved, and we have grown to be civilized...but the need for food has never stopped, or hasn’t evolved - we have never evolved with that feeling. When we are hungry, we want to eat - period! This feeling has been beautifully captured in the song by Ilayaraja “பசிக்கிது பசிக்கிது தெனம் தெனம்தான்!! தின்னா பசியேதும் தீர்ந்திடுதா!!!”


While the need for food has not evolved much, the way we take care of food has evolved a lot! Humans have come to realize the importance of mouth-care. So much importance has been given to oral-care that it has been used as a factor to woo women into falling in love with men!!


We at Challenge Soaps and detergents have also realized the importance of oral-care, and the need for it as much as the ‘quality’ of hunger has evolved, and which is why we have incepted a toothpaste that will take care of your mouth and teeth!


After all, fresh breath and white teeth are important, not only for the the attraction-quotient, but also from a health point of view. Bringing in the rich traditions of herbal awesomeness and collaborating with the latest production-techniques, we at Challenge Soaps and Detergents make sure that our customers get the best!! Challenge Soaps is proud to upkeep the tradition of ‘Siddha’ medicine in our toothpaste!


With our detergent-care products, we have given you a reason to smile! With our oral-care products, we also like to strive to make that smile more beautiful!