How to prevent cotton clothes from shrinking?

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for clothing because it is naturally breathable, comfortable, and long-lasting. Cotton naturally wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing you to stay cool in any season. It’s like all clothes, needs regular care to stay in good condition. Because it has a tendency to shrink, but there are a few tricks you can use to keep your favourite outfits from losing its perfect match. So, take care when washing them, whether by hand or in the washing machine, and you'll be able to avoid the agony of shrivelling them. If you're interested to know then here's a list of things to keep in mind when washing them.

  1.  Check fabric labels before you buy

It's probably better to start with what you buy if you want to know how to keep clothes from shrinking. Look for “pre-shrunk” clothing or discover which fabrics are more likely to shrink in the wash. Rayon and linen, for example, shrink more than nylon or polyester. Choose the material that is more appropriate for your lifestyle and must check that material label and instructions before you buy.

  1. The right temperature for washing

The fabric of your cotton items influences the temperature at which it should be washed. Regardless, it is recommended that you wash them in hot water if they are dirty, as this helps sanitise them. When it comes to colour, light coloured ones can be washed in hot water, but dark coloured ones can bleed if washed in very hot water.

  1. Try to wash them separately

Cotton material should be washed separately because they are very absorbent and absorb colours from clothes that bleed faster than any other fabric products in your laundry. Also, never wash the cotton towels you use to clean dirt with your other material because the dirt will be passed to all of the clothes you're cleaning.

In reality, it has the ability to shrink by up to 5%, or roughly one size. Always remember to read all labels and obey all washing and drying instructions.  Even so, if you follow the basic guidelines, your cotton garments or linens will last for several years. Many modern cotton products are blended with other fabrics, which can reduce the amount of shrinkage that occurs over time.

 To feel like a new cotton dress, use the proper and best detergent. Laundering is made easier with Challenge detergent,and can increase the lifespan of the material.