The Auxiliary Awesomeness - Dishwash Bars

While food, clothing and shelter have remained the basic needs of human beings; there have been auxiliary needs that have risen around the basic needs! We have established perfection around these auxiliary needs, and the need to better that perfection only increases as we become more and more civilized, or uncivilized!

One of those sidekicks that evolved with food is the need for dishes, and consequently, soaps and detergents to clean them! With the likelihood of diseases and the endurance of germs increasing, it becomes progressively difficult to formulate soaps and detergents for dishes that are heavy on the dirt and germs, and light on the skin and vessels.

Challenge Soaps and Detergents, with pride, brings you the best soaps and detergents for your dishes. We have brought out the perfect dishwash bar and powder that will make your utensils sparkle with shine, and your smile sparkle with joy!!