Tips to Maintain Clothes

Like every other entity in your life clothes play a major role and they deserve to be maintained properly. If not it is necessary for us to point out what are consequences that are gonna occur. The predominant population has this perception that cloth maintenance is very much confined to washing them. That is literally cleaning the clothes from all the dirt that has been accumulated over a short span of time. The bitter truth is that most of do not indulge in proper practices of maintaining the clothes. If carried out properly you would not have to encounter issues like discolouring, torn clothes, and any cloth related problem for that matter.  Here are a few tips that will help you to maintain your clothes properly.

Use Proper Detergent

There are good possibilities that many might think that what does a proper detergent mean.  It is just that not all detergents are the same. There are ones that can be used for soft fabric and there are ones that should be used for hard fabric. It definitely makes a huge difference because it has a considerable impact on the quality of cloth.

The Water Quality

It would definitely be insane if we say to use proper water for washing at a juncture where there is no proper water for drinking. But the water quality sure does have a considerable amount of impact on the quality of the cloth. There are very good possibilities that people can witness the evident difference in washing between in different kinds of water.

Avoid Using  Dryers

Many have this perception that drying in the sunlight and using dryers are the same coz’ both does the same job of removing the wetness from the cloth. It is just that the dryer is able to do it at a better place. The truth is that there is no substitute for drying the clothes in the natural sunlight. The result that it fetches is something that cannot be replicated by anything. It might seem that your cloth is all dried up after subjecting it to the dryer. If it is urgency or during winters it is better to go for the dryers. If not it is always better to stick on the good old fashioned method of drying the clothes.

Iron Carefully

Everyone should understand the fact that like every other material on this planet your fabric also gets affected by heat. Ironing the clothes is mandatory coz’ you cannot wear something with wrinkles that you just pulled out from the closet. But at the same time, you need to care about the heat that you are applying on the clothes. Ironing the clothes with excess heat is one of the main reasons why clothes lose their color. You will be able to witness this color fading in uniforms which are ironed on a daily basis.


The way we sort and store our clothes also has something do with maintenance.  When you are storing in your cupboard make sure that you put a packet of naphthalene balls to avoid the pests lingering around.  Your clothes are cosy and are considered to be a very comfortable place for many living creatures. Allowing them to dwell is not the right thing to do which will definitely result in having a negative impact on the quality of the clothes. While storing the clothes make sure that you are eliminating the moisture. Storing it with moisture will end up in fungus formation which will further cause you allergies. So bottom line, make sure that your clothes are sorted and stored in the right ways.

The Wash Mode

There are good possibilities that most of us not even given importance to this aspect which it comes to washing. There are options provided in the washing machine where to go for a normal wash, soft wash or hard wash. The general setting that we use is hard wash as we have this understanding that hard wash will remove all the stains. But at the same time will loosen the stitches which result in the tearing of the cloths. Cloths like denim and cargos are the ones that can be subjected to hard wash. But other than that other clothes will actually have to be subjected to normal wash or soft wash depending on the fabric.


When it comes to cloth maintenance a lot of parameters have to be taken into consideration. Following these above mentioned steps will aid in preserving the quality of the clothes. But at the same time, most of them are that hard processes, it is just that it takes a little bit of your time compared to your normal practices. A little push from your side is all it takes to implement these tips.